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Principals message
From Principal's Desk

Thank you for your interest in the Jitendra Chauhan College of Law.

Jitendra Chauhan College of Law is dedicated to being one of the India's great law schools, an institution where the ideals of scholarly excellence, humanity and societal leadership are celebrated and embraced.

In the  year 1977,  since the  college was founded, we have built upon  these ideals and our long tradition of innovative leadership to create a pre-eminent Indian and International Centre for legal education and research, where excellence is found in the quality legal education we provide our students and the important legal scholarship we provide the profession.

Students and faculty are attracted to our college for a wide variety of reasons, including professors who are intensely dedicated to the development of their students; an international reputation for research excellence; and a climate of pluralism and community, which has yielded excellent contemporary legal scholarship in fields as varied as law and technology, law and development, international human rights, and environmental laws, etc.

We give our diverse, well qualified, and highly motivated student body an outstanding legal education. The College has a talented faculty of men and women who were educated at leading law schools. Our faculty knows firsthand about the practice of law: many of us have extensive practice backgrounds and are regularly involved with practitioners on current matters. Our students are benefited from the quality and accessibility of the faculty.

We also serve the legal profession.  Both our students, through the Law Journal, and our faculty, through their numerous publications in books and leading journals, participate in the intellectual development of the law. Not only do we have the significant job placement rate, but also our graduates lead major law firms and corporations and hold faculty positions at respected law schools across the nation.

As you explore our College, you will learn more about the Faculty, our values and goals, and our academic programs. We hope that you enjoy the tour, and return to visit us often.  This is a special place, with special people.  If you have any questions about Jitendra Chauhan Law College that are not answered, I would encourage you to contact us.



Dr. Priya Jagdeep Shah

I/c Principal