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Methods of Teaching and Learning

Interactive teaching methods are designed to aid comprehensive and retention for life time. Teaching methods include Class Room Lectures, Interactive Sessions & discussions, Case Studies, Power Point Presentation, Documentaries, Seminar & Workshops, Mooting (debating points of law before a judge), Guest lectures, Practical Training, Project work, Field Visits etc.

Examination Question Paper Pattern L.L.B. -Total 100 marks

Q. 1 Ten Short Question (Not more than two sentences) – 2 marks each - 20 Marks.

Q. 2 Short Explanatory / Definitional or Analytical notes on any Four out of Six – 5 marks each - 20 marks

Q. 3 Situational Questions (Problems) on any two out of three – 6 marks each - 12 marks.

Q. 4 Essay type questions, four out of six – 12 marks each- 48 marks.

Students can appear for the Examination in English / Marathi / Hindi. Question paper will be only in English and Marathi. However, the paper in the subject of "Legal Language and Legal Writing and General English" is to be written only in English.  

Examination Pattern: Semester System

The Course leading to either degree in law, unitary or on integrated double degree, shall be conducted in semester system in not less than 15 weeks for unitary degree course or not less than 18 weeks in double degree integrated course with not less than 30 class-hours per week including tutorials, moot room exercise and seminars provided there shall be at least 24 lecture hours per week.

The LL.B. Degree will not be conferred upon a candidate unless the candidate has passed in, or cleared, all the papers prescribed for each Semester Examination in accordance with the provisions relating to each Semester Examination. The performance of the students will be evaluated by the Examination to be conducted at the end  of the  every Semester  and  also by his / her  performance in the  Practical Training  Papers  as per  the guidelines issued from time to time by the Bar Council of India and University of Mumbai.

Standard for Passing the LL.B. Examination

R. 4437: - To pass the examination the candidates must obtain 45% marks in each paper/s and Practical/s separately.  Those candidates who obtain less than 60% of the same sitting will be placed in Second Class. Those of the successful candidates who obtain 60% marks and more in all paper/s at one and the same sitting will be placed in the First Class. A candidate who obtains 45% marks in Theory paper/s and Practical/s may, at his option be exempted from appearing in the paper/s and Practical/s as the case may be.

If a candidate is allowed to join the next higher class as provided in the Ordinances relating to the different examinations, he will not be permitted to appear for the highest examinations unless (i) he has previously passed in the remaining subject/s of the lower examination, or (ii) he appears in that subject/s simultaneously with his appearance at the higher examination.  In the latter case, however,  he will, in no circumstances  be considered  to have passed  in the higher examination,  or any part of it, unless he passes in the aforesaid subjects  (with the  percentage, if any, required  for the  total) at the  same  time or within two  years of his obtaining the marks necessary to pass in the higher examination or any part of it in which separate passing or exemption as permitted by the Regulation.

When a candidate owing to his failure to pass in the remaining subject/s of the lower examination within two years is not considered to have passed the higher examination or any part of it, he will forfeit all benefits occurring from the marks obtained by him in the higher examination, but the terms kept by him for such higher examination will be available to him for any further appearance at the examination.